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■日本製自動車の純正部品、一流優良部品、用品をお求めの海外在住のお客様へ ・To Customers Desiring Genuine or First-Class Automotive Replacement Parts for Japanese Cars used abroad>

海外在住の方々で日本車の部品や用品、日本製整備工具、機器、機械がご入用の方には 日本の郵便局から国際EMSで発送することができます。
People living abroad that you want to buy a Japanese car parts and supplies and Japanese-made maintenance tools and maintenance equipment and maintenance machinery, we will be able to ship in international EMS from the post office of Japan.

・Traders exporting used cars made in Japan
・Трейдер экспорт автомобилей производимых в Японии

・Overseas traders importing used cars made in Japan, or mechanics inspecting or maintaining them
・Зарубежные трейдеры импорта подержанных автомобилей произведенных в Японии, ремонте и техническом обслуживании.

・People living abroad who need replacement parts for used cars made in Japan
・Людям живущим за рубежом, нуждающихся в запчастях для подержанных автомобилей произведенных в Японии

・People living abroad who want to sell the parts supplies of Japanese-made car and who want to be our partner companies.
・Людям живущих за рубежом, которым необходимо поставлять запчасти на автомобили японского производства, а так же для желающих в партнерстве компании.

・We welcome overseas customers!
・Мы приветствуем зарубежных клиентов!

・We ship overseas!
・Мы отправляем за границу!

・We would appreciate it if you could purchase the products to sell abroad from us !

  About way of ordering

・Customer-support in English is only held by mails.
 If you call us for customer-support in English, sorry that we can't provide you with enough support.
 Therefore, please send mails if you want to contact us in English.
 We tried to write in proper English, however, there might remain wrong sentences. Please kindly understand.
・We accept bulk orders. Please contact us for more details.

・For sending inquiries, please obtain the following information through a vehicle inspection certificate, a proof of disposal registration or a license plate belonging to the car for which you need replacement parts:

・車種   Vehicle Type
・型式  Model
・車体番号  FRAME No.
・年式 First Year of Vehicle Registration
・ABS付きか?なしか?  With or Without ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)


・Accordingly, an illustrated parts breakdown applicable to your inquiry will be sent to your e-mail or Skype,even for small genuine auto parts listed below :
・Skype Account   :japan.autoparts

・Once the desired product is identified, please let us know the details and their quantities in return.

・Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.

・We will send you a quotation shortly.

●小さい細々した純正部品 (※事故車の補修によく出る部品一覧です!)
 Small Genuine Auto Parts
(This is a list of the parts ofen used to repair cars involved in trsffic accidents.)
ラジオアンテナ Radio Antennae
ラジオブラケット左右 Left and Right Radio Brackets
エンジンマウント Engine Mount
フェンダーライナー左右 Left and Right Fender Liners
フロントバンパーサイドリテーナー左右 Left and Right Front Bumper Side Retainers
フロントバンパー牽引フックカバー    Front Bumper Tow Hook Cover
ボンネットヒンジ左右 Left and Right Bonnet Hinges
ボンネット ロック Bonnet Lock
ウォッシャータンク Washer Tank
サイドミラー前の三角形をしたガラス窓 Triangular window Glass next to the side mirror
サイドミラー前の三角形をしたピラーガーニッシュ Triangular Plastic Pillar Garnish next to the side mirror
ラジエーターコアサポート Radiator Core Support
フォグライトカバー Fog Light Cover
ラジエーターファンシラウド Radiator Fan Shroud
ラジエーターファン Radiator fan
カウルトップ Cowl Top Panel
ドアヒンジ上下左右前後 Top and Bottom, Left and Right, Front and Rear Door Hinges
アウターハンドル Outer Handle
レギュレーター&レギュレーターモーター Regulator & Regulator Motor
リアゲートのダンパー左右  Left and Right Rear Gate Dampers
サイドモール等 Side Mall, etc.
リレー、スイッチ、コンピュータ類 Relays, Switches, Computer, etc.
その他 細かい部分の部品 Other Small Genuine Parts

 Regarding the replacement parts required for automobile inspections,
 such as Brake Disc Pads, Elements, Belts, Timing Belts, Tensioners, and Water Pumps,
 we will provide you with either genuine parts or first-class parts made in Japan.


・We won't require a consumption tax in case of a delivery to foreign countries,
 but We have 10 % as a handling charge corresponding to foreign countries. Please accept it.

・You may pay the cardboard cost and packing cost.

・For overseas orders, the following payment methods are available.

・銀行振り込み Bank transfer  
 Please add JY3,000 to the transferred amount to cover the bank fees.
口座名義 Let you know when we receive your order.
口座番号 Let you know when we receive your order.

・We received a 5% as commission fee to the payment amount, including the cost of parts and EMS fee

・Please understand that we can not accept cancellation for overseas orders.

・We can not accept cancellation caused by customers' preference.

・We cannot accept any return/exchange on overseas orders.

・For overseas delivery, we use EMS orDHL.

・Please refer to EMS site for shipping fee by area or delivery time.

・Please understand that there may be delays depending on customs clearance and other various conditions of transportation.

・After shipment is made, you will receive a tracking number by e-mail

・With the tracking number, you can check the delivery status at the site below.

・EMS tracking service
・URL  http://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/ems/delivery/index_en.html  

・During customs procedure, your parcels may be opened for inspection.

・Additional import duties and taxes may be charged on customs clearance into your country.

・Customers must be in charge of this additional cost, therefore in this case, please pay directly to the delivery agents or the customs office at the time you receive your package.

・なお、税金や通関手数料に関するポリシーは各国によって異なりますので、詳しくは、お受け取り国の  税関にお問い合わせください。
・The import tax policies are different from countries to countries, therefore, please contact the customs office of your living country for more detail.

・Depending on delivery country and product, the items may be restricted to be imported by the law.

・Policies regarding prohibited and restricted goods differ from countries of destination.
* Please contact EMS or DHL for information on other countries.

About the procedure

 Receipt of official order from the overseas customers.
Emailing product pricing and shipping fees.
We wait for payment from overseas customers.
Acknowledgement of the payment sent either by bank transfer or PayPal.
Placing an order with the manufacturer.
Arrival of the products from the manufacturer.
Our staff packs the parts.
Packaging the products.
Shipment of the products via Post Office.
Announcement of shipment to the overseas customers.

・Please order autoparts and automotive supplies to us!

・We do not sell components if they are purchased for use by themilitary.
・Мы не продаем запчасти,если ониприобретаются для использованиявоенными.

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